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마운틴 캐빈


Discovering promising startups/angel investment

  • Discovering/analyzing/supporting promising startups

  • Startup technology development angel investment

  • Angel investment in startup patent rights

  • ​Startup Funding/Excel Rating/Equity Investment

Block chain business discovery/angel investment

  • Promising blockchain discovery/angel investment

  • Blockchain self-development, ICO promotion

  • Blockchain Exchange Operation/Management

  • NFT development/management

Real estate development and business investment

  • Real Estate Auction/Public Sale

  • Redevelopment and reconstruction

  • Linkage to various businesses for vacant shopping malls (unmanned stores, etc.)

  • Land (forestry, farmland development, etc.), land and building linked revenue modeling

  • ​providing real estate information

Overseas franchise business discovery/investment/management

  • Discovery/investment/management of promising overseas franchise business

  • Preemption/establishment of specialized distribution networks targeting developing countries

  • Sample export/management of famous domestic products

  • ​Overseas real estate rental investment/management

Poker (hold'em) agency/online game development/operation/management

  • Poker (Hold'em) trademark development, patent registration agency

  • Poker (Hold'em) Tournament Planning/Operation/Management

  • Poker (Hold'em) online game development/operation/management

  • Poker (Hold'em) Dealer Training/Management (ACADEMY)

  • Poker (Hold'em) Player Protection Insurance (revenue type)

  • Poker (Hold'em) team professional formation/management

  • Poker (Hold'em) franchise start-up support

  • Support for participation in overseas poker (hold’em) competitions (accommodation, currency exchange, etc.)

  • Poker (Hold'em) domestic and international competition seed rights swap

  • ​Poker (Hold'em) tournament sponsorship/support/promotion

Profitable platform development/operation/management

  • Online poker (hold'em) game development

  • Domestic and international poker (hold'em) tournament information APP

  • Poker (Hold'em) Bankroll Management APP (Ssakda 2.0)

  • Dealer Brokerage APP

  • Promising startup (technology) information sharing APP

  • Real Estate Information Provision APP

  • Pet Funeral Service Provision APP

  • NFT and METAVERSE development/management

LK MEMBERSHIP operation/management

Implementation of LK UNIVERSE (FINAL VISION)

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