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Overseas franchise business discovery/investment/management

  1. Discovery/investment/management of promising overseas franchise business

  2. Preemption/establishment of specialized distribution networks targeting developing countries

  3. Sample export/management of famous domestic products

  4. ​Overseas real estate rental investment/management

베트남에 있는 호수에 떠다니는 연등

Current project

Discovery/investment/management of promising overseas franchise business

KLOVER TOY 로고_최종 파일(세로형).png


  • As of July 2022, 27 stores entered

  • Expansion of 100 locations in December 2022

  • Monthly sales goal of KRW 30 million


  • Opened the 1st store in August 2022

  • Expanded to the 10th store in December 2022

  • ​Monthly sales goal of KRW 20 million

YUMMY HOTTOEK 로고_최종 파일(세로형).png.png

Overseas real estate rental/investment/management

Vietnam real estate rental business

베트남 하롱베이에 있는 부유한 마을

[Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Real Estate Fund]

Vietnam 100 million people, Ho Chi Minh is in Vietnam

It is the largest economic and tourist city.


Vietnam's first subway trial run in June 2021

It was planned, but it was postponed temporarily due to the aftermath of the corona virus.

Real estate price increase rate 8 ~ 12% per year

I still don't know the advantages of the subway station area.

When purchasing an apartment in the station area, a return of more than 50% is expected after 2 to 3 years


Ho Chi Minh station area average sales price 200 million ~ 300 million

Monthly rent 700,000 ~ 1,000,000 won (about 4 ~ 5% of rental income)

The customer's profit is 4% of rental income per year, 700,000 won per month.

70% of apartment sales revenue after 2-3 years (30% for the company)

There is no sales revenue because the price of the apartment does not increase

If not, there is no company profit and customer principal can be preserved.


company's revenue plan

-Apartment loan available 70%

- Loan interest 8 to 9%

-With an inflow of 200 million, 600 million apartments can be purchased

    (Loan amount 420 million, -4% for 1 year)

-3 purchases through a temporary loan for an apartment worth 200 million won,

    10% is calculated for operation and maintenance costs


50% increase in apartment price after 2-3 years

300 million won profit from 3 apartments and 600 million won

70 million won profit to customers, 230 million won profit to the company

Estimated maintenance cost of -33.6 million won for 2 years

The company expects a profit of about 200 million won

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