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Real estate development and business investment

  1. land development

  2. Investment in redevelopment and reconstruction

  3. Construction and management of profitable real estate

  4. Commercial and business investment

  5. Real Estate Auctions and Short Sale Investments

  6. ​Real estate consulting and information management

지하철 역

1] Land development

Land purchase/investment

- The 5th Comprehensive National Territory Plan ('20~'40) focus areas

- The 4th National Railroad Network Plan ('21~'30) focus areas

- Promising areas as a result of analysis of major indicators (population change, real estate sales index, etc.)

land development

- LK 지사 부지 매입 및 건축        _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  * Land value investment

- farmland development _Transformation/infrastructure, rural residential areas, commercial/industrial facilities, agricultural business sites, etc.

- Forest development _Rural residential areas, golf courses, arboretums, camping grounds, forest products business sites, etc.

- Development of special objects_Blind land (opening of roads), tomb right, legal superficies, lien/equity land, etc.

2] Investment in redevelopment and reconstruction

Redevelopment and reconstruction analysis and investment

- National Land Comprehensive Plan(road network, urban planning, national balance), National Railway Network Planning(Subway, GTX, etc.)analyze

- Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, metropolitan city redevelopment, reconstruction site selection/safety margin, profit rate analysis

- Short-term, mid- to long-term investment planning for key selected sites(investment/revenue)/buy investment

return on investment model

- Purchase of redevelopment property / public interest(Good landlord/low-income class, student, etc.)           * Brand rise, tax savings

- Purchase of reconstruction property: step by step(Maintenance/Association/Business/Management/Sales)Trading

- Purchased goods: Creation of added value, such as improvement of facility environment and interior, and application to business sites

priority selection(apartments, etc.)및 수익률 등 VIP 컨설팅        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_       _cc781905-136bad5cf5893-5cde-31* LK shareholders and coin investors

지하철 역

3] New construction (purchase) and management of profitable real estate

residential facility(Officetel, studio, villa, neighborhood house)New construction / rental / sale

* Advance into the LK business field (restaurant business, shared office, etc.) and promote chain business expansion

residential facility(Officetel, studio, villa, neighborhood house)New construction / rental / sale

After subscribing to a housing site and purchasing a small site, new construction/lease/sale of neighborhood housing

* Maintaining LK housing site stability, securing high ROI through narrow site

Purchase of factory site in the center of transportation, new warehouse construction/lease/sale

Purchase of vacant shops in promising areas, business management/sales

LK branch and recreation neighborhood facility construction (LK site area)

* Operation of neighborhood living facilities (cafe, bakery, convenience store, etc.) other than LK office


4] Commercial and business investment

Commercial purchase (ROI-centered)

- Commercial area and location analysis, specialist foreclosure, property value and rate of return analysis

- Quick sales of vacant shopping malls, acquisition/remodeling of auctions and auctions(Value increase, enlistment inflow)

- Purchasing existing business sites at low prices and integrating them into promising industries(sharing business, etc.)

- Purchase of knowledge industry centers in promising regions and move-in to business sites(tax reduction, value increase)

Business Investment (Strategy)

- Maintaining shopping malls and realizing profits by reducing acquisition and operation costs(Maturity period of commercial district)

- Business normalization through collaboration with commercial district/location/industry analysis experts(sale price rise)

- Establishment of space sharing business corporation (chain) and expansion of brand business sites nationwide

          * 세부 사업 계획은 Limited to LK shareholders and coin investors (VIP), briefing/investment

✧ New construction (shopping malls, neighborhood facilities) / Some sales and operation of business sites

지하철 역

5] Real Estate Auction and Short Sale Investment

Acquisition of real estate objects (promising areas)

- Special items(Equity, superficies, right of tomb base, right of lien, etc.)analysis and bidding(ROI focus)

- Analysis of property value in promising areas(Expert Group)and successful bid(Name/Proceedings if necessary)

Differentiation Strategy

- Fostering a group of experts in real estate auctions and public auctions(value analysis, field, bidding, brightness, etc.)

- AI technology application field(Product selection and bid calculation, etc.)Platform development, commercialization promotion

- LK shareholders and coin investors: Support for recommended items/profit analysis, education/auction one-stop support

Profit Realization

- More than 20 auction and public auction revenue models(including special items)Apply, achieve optimal ROI

- Investment in promising areas, value-enhancing development, and business application by expert groups(value added)

6] Real estate consulting and information management

* Homepage, YouTube, Blog, Cloud

real estate consulting

General consulting/information management

- Provision of future value area and object information, value increase strategy, and rate of return analysis

- Customized auction/public auction items (region/type) recommendation/one-stop support

- LK Real Estate profit model briefing/opportunity to participate in investment

- LK Real Estate information management/Classification/Know-how update/Information provision

- Reservation-based real estate consulting(Private), recommend stuff(return analysis), strategy establishment

- LK Profitable Real Estate Priority Sales Business Management Strategies Provided         *AI 기반

- Application of real estate optimization information management and transaction system linked with LK Coin

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